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The simplest way to stay protected from common ailments, strengthen the mind and body is practicing yoga daily. In some ways, good hygiene and proper eating habits are beneficial, but yoga for immunity can also improve the body’s ability to combat infection and enable you to live...
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For 5 Minutes a day, Brendan Meyes, creator of the Ab Shredder workout program will show you how to achieve a perfect ripped 6 pack. CalAesthetics Beast ... source
Surya Namaskar
Life during COVID 19 has brought its set of struggles. Juggling work meetings from home with cooking, cleaning, and catching up on gossip is exhausting. As gyms are ordered to remain shut, even amidst the lockdown, most dedicated workaholics have turned to yoga. Yoga has long been the...
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Today in this video I have shared the Baba Ramdev Weight Loss Tips which are extremely in Losing weight. ज्यादा से ज्यादा चर्बी और वजन घटान... source
A bad morning can follow you throughout the entire day — raise your hand if stubbing your toe on your bed frame and spilling your coffee all over...
No single region of the body operates alone, and that's why maintaining a healthy upper body isn't without a limber and strong foundation — which is often your wrists. And when I think of wrist-strengthening exercises, my mind immediately goes to yoga. Taylor Harkness, a certified yoga instructor with...
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There tends to be a negative connotation around modifying yoga poses — I, for one, am guilty of feeling discouraged after a sharp pain mid-pose has me reaching for a block. It wasn't until certified yoga instructor Koya Webb shifted my perspective that I stopped comparing myself to...

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