An Injury-Preventing Yoga Flow to Protect Your Upper Body


No single region of the body operates alone, and that’s why maintaining a healthy upper body isn’t without a limber and strong foundation — which is often your wrists.

And when I think of wrist-strengthening exercises, my mind immediately goes to yoga. Taylor Harkness, a certified yoga instructor with Gaia, anatomy teacher, and emergency RN, agreed.

“A lot of modern yoga poses place the weight of the body on the hands and therefore both strengthen and stretch the muscles of the shoulders, chest, back, forearms, wrists, and hands,” he said.

Harkness even created a flow with this ideology in mind, which he recommended doing one to three times a week.

“Strong muscles and limber joints are more resilient and tend to heal more quickly from injuries when they occur,” Harkness added. “The entire body works together to stabilise during movement, so one weak link means the other muscles have to work harder to prevent injury.”

If you are someone who struggles with inflammation, arthritis, or is recovering from a wrist injury, Harkness noted how important it is to consult with your doctor to see if these moves are right for you.

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